An Artful Vacation: Seven Hotels for Art Lovers

An Artful Vacation: Seven Hotels for Art Lovers

  • 12/31/23

For art enthusiasts seeking a unique and inspiring travel experience, there's nothing quite like staying in a hotel that embraces and celebrates the world of art. From boutique hotels showcasing local artists to luxury establishments housing renowned art collections, the United States offers a wide array of accommodations that cater to the creative soul. In this blog post, we will introduce you to seven exceptional hotels across the US that art lovers will adore. Get ready to immerse yourself in creativity, beauty, and culture.

The Quirk Hotel - Richmond, Virginia:

Found in the heart of Richmond's thriving arts district, this boutique hotel blends contemporary artworks with historical architecture, creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere. Each guest room is a whimsical escape featuring stylish decor and original artwork by local and regional artists. Explore the Quirk Gallery, which showcases rotating exhibitions, or attend one of the hotel's art events and workshops. Indulge in the hotel's exceptional dining options, starting with their baked in-house pastries at their coffee bar and ending the day with a nightcap at the Q Rooftop Bar. The Quirk Hotel is a true celebration of art and history making it a must-visit destination for those visiting Richmond.

FOUND:RE Hotel - Phoenix, Arizona:

FOUND:RE Hotel offers a captivating and inspired lodging experience for travelers exploring Phoenix. Distinguished by its unwavering commitment to the local art community, this boutique hotel embraces the vibrant artistic spirit of the city. FOUND:RE Hotel curates rotating exhibitions that adorn the property, immersing guests in a captivating artistic journey. In addition to the hotel's curated exhibitions, each guest room becomes a personal gallery with a unique art piece created by talented local artists who are a part of the Embedded Art Program.

But the hotel's commitment to art doesn't end at its doorstep. FOUND:RE Hotel is surrounded by countless opportunities to experience different arts and cultures. From the lively Roosevelt Row arts district to the Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona Opera, Symphony Hall, and an array of outstanding local restaurants, the hotel serves as a gateway to the city's thriving arts and culinary scene. During your stay, you're encouraged to venture beyond the hotel's walls and discover the rich tapestry of creativity that Phoenix has to offer.

Hotel Lucia - Portland, Oregon:

Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Hotel Lucia celebrates the intersection of art, photography, and hospitality. Hotel Lucia boasts “the world’s largest permanent collection of black-and-white photographs by Pulitzer prize-winning photographer and Oregon native, David Hume Kennerly”. The hotel's public spaces showcase captivating images by Kennerly that highlight moments in history and pop culture. In addition, the hotel is further adorned by the works of many other inspiring artists which you can learn more about here

The hotel's central location in downtown Portland provides easy access to popular spots like the Portland Art Museum, Powell’s City of Books, and Nob Hill. Visitors can also immerse themselves in the city's thriving arts scene by exploring the nearby Pearl District, known for its art galleries and cultural offerings. Whether attending an art exhibition or simply strolling through the city streets, Hotel Lucia serves as a perfect base for art lovers looking to uncover the artistic gems of Portland.

The Maven Hotel - Denver, Colorado:

Situated in the vibrant LoDo neighborhood of Denver, The Maven Hotel is a trendy and art-infused boutique hotel that offers a dynamic artful stay. The hotel “features more than 700 paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more - all from Colorado artists”. From the moment you enter their lobby, you’re met with the “The Quantifiable and The Ineffable” which is perceived as a representation of society’s separation between “the maker and the made”. You can read more about their most iconic pieces here

Located in the Dairy Block, you’ll always be near all the action during your stay. Whether you’re looking for shopping, dining, drinking, live music, or market- you’ll find them here! Guests of The Maven Hotel can explore the curated collection of local art installations within the hotel and throughout the Dairy Block, showcasing the work of Denver's emerging and established artists. All in all, The Maven Hotel combines urban sophistication with an artistic flair, offering a spirited getaway in the Mile High City.

The Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, Colorado:

Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Rocky Mountains you'll find The Broadmoor- a standout five-star resort that serves as a ultimate haven in nature for art enthusiasts. Their main entrance features the Broadmoor Gallery which showcases a diverse range of art styles, spanning from contemporary masterpieces to captivating western and traditional works. To further deepen your artistic journey, explore the gallery’s Art Academy which offers courses that come with an all-Inclusive 5 Nights Resort Package and receptions with the Nationally known artists. But the inspiration doesn't end at the gallery.

At The Broadmoor, you can expect to be continually inspired by the awe-inspiring mountain vistas that stretch beyond the resort. Additionally, the resort boasts a collection of award-winning restaurants where culinary artistry takes center stage. Overall, the Broadmoor is a true sanctuary for art lovers, offering a harmonious union of stunning natural landscapes, captivating artwork, and exquisite hospitality.

HALL Arts Hotel - Dallas, Texas:

Situated in the heart of the vibrant Dallas Arts District, the HALL Arts Hotel is a celebration of art and culture like their surrounding community. The hotel boasts an exceptional collection of handpicked artworks by both emerging and established artists. From the moment you step into the elegant lobby, you'll be greeted by captivating sculptures, striking paintings, and thought-provoking installations. The artful experience extends to each of their 183 guest rooms and suites which are tastefully adorned with carefully selected local Dallas Arts District photography. They also offer guests an exclusive art tour on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. To top it all off, the tour ends with a wine tasting at their restaurant- Ellie’s. Whether you're an art connoisseur or simply appreciate creativity, this hotel promises an extraordinary stay that will leave you inspired and captivated.

21c Museum Hotel - Louisville, Kentucky:

Combining contemporary art with boutique charm, 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville is the first museum hotel. In its 19th century life, the hotel was a series of warehouses. Today, its historic charm still remains with a thoughtful contemporary twist. With over 9,000 square feet of exhibition space and intriguing installations throughout the property, this boutique hotel fosters an immersive art experience. For a one of a kind stay, check out their Asleep In The Cyclone Suite. You also won’t want to miss your chance to dine at their award-winning restaurant and bar- Proof on Main, during your stay!

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