20 Best Binge-Worthy (Streaming) Real Estate Shows To Watch Right Now

20 Best Binge-Worthy (Streaming) Real Estate Shows To Watch Right Now

  • 09/27/22
Real estate, real estate, real estate! It's all over our TVs, from the news to our streaming services, there's something about this industry that draws people in! 
Over the past couple of years, real estate TV has really broadened its horizons. It's shifted from the traditional shiplap makeovers and home prospecting to a more creative space further pushing the boundaries of what makes a house a home.
You probably already know the Property BrothersMagnolia-everything, and Million Dollar Listing, but here's some shows you may not already know (in no particular order)!

1. Selling Sunset

Watch On: Netflix
Lavish California living! This show gives us drama, it gives us storylines, it gives us extravagant homes, what more could you want? Selling Sunset is one of the hottest "reality" real estate shows of the moment as it gives us a closer look into the luxurious lives of the L.A. elite!

2. Marriage or Mortgage

Watch on: Netflix
It's no secret that weddings can quickly become very expensive! Engaged couples are found with a dilemma of choosing between following their heart or their head when choosing between purchasing a home or having the wedding of their dreams. Which would you choose?

3. The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

Watch On: Netflix
Embark on a journey with this group of friends as they travel around the world and stay at some of the most extraordinary vacation rentals! This Netflix series offers a fun look into the unique architecture and real estate in different parts of the globe while simultaneously experiencing new cultures.  

4. Tiny House Nation

Watch On: Netflix
Tiny houses were a hot topic for a while and this series has a lot to do with the birth of that frenzy! Tiny House Nation takes you along for the crazy, exciting, and sometimes hectic ride as people make the life-changing transition into tiny house living. 

5. Million Dollar Beach House

Watch On: Netflix
The Hamptons is known as a popular escape for members of wealthy and affluential New York society. Real estate in the Hamptons is worth top dollar making it a very attractive market for hungry agents. This group of real estate agents is ready to do whatever they need to close a deal even if it means having to stir up some drama!

6. Amazing Interiors

Watch On: Netflix
This Netflix series is sure to make you question what's inside the most ordinary-looking homes! Prepare to be blown away as you enter some of the most remarkable and distinctive interior-designed homes in the places you'd least expect to find them.


7. Get Organized With The Home Edit

Watch on: Netflix
There's nothing more satisfying then when everything has a home! Tag along with experts Clea and Joanna as they transform people's lives through a little bit of organization. You might even spot one of your favorite celebrities!

8. Stay Here

Watch On: Netlfix
Creating a home into a successful business is not a simple task! Especially in the world of short-term real estate rentals, homeowners and investors have to get a little more creative if they want to reach the highest income-generating potential from their space. Luckily, they have a design and business power duo on their side to guide them along the way!

9. Rock The Block

If you're an HGTV fan like we are, then you'll love this series! The leads of all of your favorite shows: Restored by the FordsGood BonesWindy City Rehab, etc. compete against one another to design and bring to life the best space while also increasing their identical property's value. Sound like a challenge? That's because it is! Not everything that appeals to the eye adds value- see how these pros strategize to become the Rock the Block winner! 

10. Instant Hotel

Watch on: Netflix
Four Weddings but make it real estate related! These vacation rental owners spend the night at each other's properties and take a vote to decide an "Instant Hotel" winner. After all, what drama could possibly occur when competition is involved?

11. Dream Home Makeover

Watch On: Netflix
A family woman turns her interior design passion and personal hobby into a full blown successful business. Ever heard of Studio McGee? Of course you have! See Shea and Syd Mcgee in their element as they transform people's homes into the peaceful abode that we all dream of. This show is full of all of the feel good moments that you can never get enough of!

12. Unspouse My House

Watch On: Apple TV
Break ups are never easy. Orlando Soria from Unspouse My House is on mission to help newly single individuals start fresh beginning with the rejuvenation of their home! He realizes that the space that we live in can really have a huge impact on our mood and overall self esteem- especially after a breakup. Soria is committed to creating spaces where his clients find peace, happiness, and inspiration after a tough break-up. 

13. Distressed Real Estate

Can the location of a great tragedy ever represent anything other then the distress that occurred on it? This series takes a look at how some of the most stigmatized properties have shifted in their symbolism based on a more uplifting perspective. 

14. Home

Watch On: Apple TV
If you can imagine it, it can become a reality. What sounds like a cliché is proven to be the truth by the individuals from all parts of the world that are spotlighted throughout this series. Through their creativity and desire to create a better world through personal change and action, they challenge the norms of what a home could and should be. 


15. Ellen's Next Great Designer

Watch On: HBO Max

If you appreciate the art of furniture design, then this is the series for you! See the unique creative processes that these talented designers take as they compete against one another for a grand prize. 

16. The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

Watch On: Netflix
The name says it all, the homes on this series are unlike anything you could ever imagine! Join the journey as two fun hosts travel the world and demonstrate homes with the most intricate architecture that are nothing short of an absolute masterpiece!

17. Interior Design Masters

Watch On: Netflix
Interior Design Masters is an invigorating competition amongst UK designers to win a dream design job. They showcase their skills and distinctive ideas through the design and creation of beautiful spaces. We can't promise that you won't want to redecorate your entire house and completely change your design style after watching this!

18. Grand Designs

Have you ever seen a building or home so stunning and complex, you know it must have been a headache to build? Odds are it probably was! Talk about good things not coming easy. Watch Grand Design and take a look at all that goes into bringing some of the most impressive structures to life!


19. Desert Flippers

Watch On: Discovery+
This husband and wife team are the pros of luxury desert living. Based in Palm Springs, you can expect to get a lot of mountain views and pool envy! Watch them as they transform ordinary spaces into an oasis that homebuyers will never want to leave! 

20. Extreme Homes

Watch On: Discovery+
You will never believe that homes like these exist! These unconventional homes further demonstrate that there really is no limit for creativity in the home design process!

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