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Coaching and Mentoring

Chances are, you're great at what you do. You have a skill set that you worked hard for. You might have even had some recent success in your real estate business. But, there's a gap. A gap between where you are with your business and where you ultimately desire to be.

The problem? There's a difference between mastering a craft and being able to build a thriving business around that craft. Necessary skills like marketing, sales strategy, team building, system development, and mindset often seem overwhelming and confusing.

Do you want to make more money, regain control of your time, and have a business that supports your life instead of having one that runs your life?


Kevin is here to help.

With 12+ years of experience as a top-producing agent and 10+ years in coaching/mentoring agents, Kevin has the demonstrated success, experience, and strategies to help you and your business. 

Kevin will work with you to create a plan to success - whether it's on a short term basis or long term, he offers everything from phone/video conferencing to in-person meetings.

“Kevin’s insights, garnered from years as a top producing luxury agent, were invaluable in accelerating my growth into the luxury market. He holds nothing back- as we talked about marketing, farming, listing presentations, social media and more. I always come away from my interactions with Kevin as a better agent than before! To this day, I consider Kevin one of my top mentors. He’s generous with his time and knowledge. I highly recommend Kevin as a coach and a speaker and never miss an opportunity to learn from him.”
-Ken Gaffga, MBA, GRI, REALTOR®
“Coming into real estate as my profession, I had a lot of questions. Kevin helped guide me with his experience and knowledge, showing me the way and leading by example. I am able to help my clients with confidence and ease and know I not only have a mentor, but a friend in the process. ”
-Jessica B

“Kevin was my mentor and coach when I first started in real estate. The lessons I learned from him are still in use today. Kevin taught me early on to always keep a positive mindset. My daily affirmations are still in use seven years later! I always make sure to be working ON my business, not just working my existing business. I would recommend Kevin as a coach for anyone who wants to increase production and live happier, more fulfilling lives. 

-Patrick Jordan, REALTOR®

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Speaking & Education

Kevin has spoken in front of crowds ranging from a few dozen to 500+ and specializes in speaking on topics such as:

  • Luxury home marketing
  • Geographic farming
  • Social media strategies
  • "State of the Market"
  • Branding and marketing strategies
  • Mindset and affirmations
  • SOI engagement
  • Time management and systems
  • Hiring an assistant

"No Fluff Approach"

From keynote speaking to panel participation, Kevin takes on a "no fluff" approach in speaking. His speaking style is high-energy, filled with takeaways, and offers realistic strategies for any audience.  

Kevin's focus is helping real estate professionals generate more sales through relevant marketing campaigns, lead generation skills, positive mindset, and research-based strategies.

“Kevin is a source of tremendous knowledge when it comes to real estate marketing and farming. He’s one of the few real estate agents that can articulate what steps they’ve taken to see consistent results. Kevin always delivers in providing a clear road map to success in whichever topic he’s covering. Using his wit, wisdom, and relevancy- Kevin’s classes are engaging and leave you wanting to sign up for the next one!”           

- Shelby Lehman, Business Development Manager

 “As a real estate professional, I have had the opportunity to listen and experience a wide range of coaching, trainings, and seminars. I can tell you first-hand that Kevin’s  program is not only practical and easy to follow, it's full of tactical information that agents of any experience level can implement right away in their business. He is a wonderful instructor and I would highly recommend any of his programs! ”                        

-Lizy Hoeffer, America's #1 Female Loan Originator

“It’s extremely valuable to have a resource like Kevin who can take his years of experience and break it down in a way that’s easy to digest and apply to my own business. His training has added great value and insight into how I can better serve my clients.”    

-Jason Shinn, REALTOR®

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Podcast Feature

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Featured on Justin Stoddart's podcast, Think Bigger Real Estate, Kevin breaks down his geographic farming secrets from choosing a farm that is big enough to why direct mail marketing is so critical.