• 03/17/20
As these erratic and stressful times make it increasingly difficult to find tranquility and relaxation in our lives, one of the few options left is to create a peace haven in the comfort of our own home. This is the reason why zen principles applied in interior design have increased in popularity and become a trend of modern days. But what does zen actually mean? In Japanese, Zen refers to meditation. In interior design, it reflects balance, harmony, and relaxation.
Although zen is not a proper design style and does not come with a book of strict rules, it is often associated with minimalism, simplicity, and purity of lines. It is rather a way of arranging your home and creating an atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassle of your daily routine the world around us. Fancy achieving that in your own home? Consider these 10 simple steps to turn your home totally zen.

1. Go For Earthy Colors

Choose a neutral and warm color scheme. Flashy or vivid colors take away from the overall calm of Zen decor. More contemporary zen styles may veer towards white and black color schemes. Since zen is all about relaxation, the soothing tones of neutral colors typically dominate. 

2. Incorporate More Plants

Decorating with plants is a great way to positively impact your home. By surrounding yourself with nature, stress levels will lower and you can become more creative. Plus, plants will release more oxygen and moisture into the air to help you breathe better. Immediate mood booster!

3. Keep Furniture Natural And Simple

Zen style furniture is characterized by simple and clear lines, avoiding complicated detail and excess ornamentation. The furniture should be high quality and made of natural materials as these bring a sense of warmth and relaxation.

4. Incorporate As Much Natural Light As Possible

While hanging out in a dark space can feel cozy, constantly being in a poorly lit home can negatively impact your mood. Open up your space by inviting natural light into your house. With more exposure to natural light, your body can absorb more vitamin D, which in return, can make you feel happier, calmer, and can actually make you fall asleep easier. Live in a perpetually dark place? Open the curtains and blinds as soon as you wake up.

5. Lay Off The Electronics

Electronic devices are most often a source of distraction and therefore do not integrate in a fully zen decor. While scrolling through your social media accounts may help you relax for a little bit, doing this all the time can actually make you feel more anxious and depressed. Instead of looking at your phone or binge-watching your favorite show, give your eyes a break by mediating, taking a bath, or reading your favorite book. Also, try not to use your phone as an alarm clock. You will be more inclined to check your email, which can make you (and your bedroom!) feel more stressful.

6. Enhance Your Room With Natural Scents

A homemade linen spray, soy or beeswax candles, and essential oils are all-natural ways to enhance your room with fresh scents, which can not only be calming when it’s time to sleep, but also invigorating when it’s time to wake.

7. Eliminate Clutter

When your home is not in the best condition, it can inhibit your mood and make you feel anxious. Before you go to bed, try to clean your home for 30 minutes. Pick up papers, organize books, and clean a few dishes. This will relax your mind and prevent that morning anxiety boost when you first wake up.

8. Create An Area Of Peace

Whether you work from home right now or have a typical nine-to-five job, try to section off an area in your house where you don’t answer emails and can just hang out. One of the main reasons you may feel like your home environment is stressful is because you don’t know where to stop or slow down. You utilize every room in your home as an office, which can confuse the brain and prevent it from relaxing. Instead, unwind in a cozy nook and read a book to feel more at ease and comfortable in your own home.

9. Make Your Bed Every Day

As crazy as it sounds, making your bed every day can actually positively boost your mood and your home environment. Your bedroom is where you unplug and decompress and if you visually see that your bed is a mess, you won’t view it as the sanctuary it’s supposed to be. 

10. Choose Natural And Light Fabrics

Fabrics should stick to the same rule of natural, light and comfortable. One of the essential elements of your zen décor are the curtains which provide a sensation of intimacy, while reducing noise and blocking air draughts. Give them a special treatment and go for natural textiles, such as linen, wool or bunting wool and match them with the rest of the room.

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